7 Signs you are a Minnesota Timberwolves fan

It’s not easy to be a Minnesota sports fan. The Vikings perennially break hearts, the Twins have had one of the worst records in the majors for the last few, and the Wild have had limited postseason success since entering the NHL in 2001. But the worst Minnesota team to be a fan of is the Timberwolves. Other than a mildly successful stretch in the mid 2000s with Kevin Garnett, the team has been one of the worst teams in the NBA from year to year with little hope of improving. Some of the problem has been mismanagement (Kevin McHale or David Kahn as GM anyone?), but the team has also failed to develop good players and keep them on the team. Rumors have been flying for over a year about Kevin Love fleeing as soon as his contract expires in 2015. After the team has failed to meet expectations and players haven’t developed as planned (looking at you, Ricky Rubio and your 36% shooting) the team is looking like it is time for yet another rebuild. Here are 7 ways to know if you are a true Timberwolves fan.

1. You have a second team. 

So you’re tired of watching the Timberwolves finish 30 games out of playoff contention? No problem! Choose another team and back them with even more confidence and see the results pay off with titles. What a novel idea to Minnesota sports teams.

Source: ESPN Images

2. The Good Old Days were perennial 1st round exits

The Timberwolves were eliminated in the 1st round 7 straight times from 1997-2003. Most of us would kill to just make the playoffs now.

Source: USA Today

3. You know what this means. 

Good riddance David Kahn.

4. You dread the trade deadline because it could mean the end of the Love era

Please don’t leave, Kevin. You’re our only hope (for the next 5 years).

From: Yahoo Sports

5. You remember when the Wolves got Darko and there was hope (for one game)

I was at that game. The crowd chanted his name, then Kahn made the mistake of paying him $5 million a season, later using the amnesty clause to get out of his albatross of a contract. There were once brighter days, Darko.


6. You still love KG even though he’s been gone 7 years. 

KG forever.


7. You’ll always have hope, even when the grass is greener anywhere else. 

Source: The Score

Rubio for 2020 MVP!


6 simple tips to get more views on your blog (And JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!)

So Justin Beiber has probably never read your blog. BUT, maybe by following these quick tips, you can get celebrities to read your blog.

1. Name-drop. This is the key to getting more views on your blog. People will search for people like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus. In all seriousness, if you can put commonly searched terms in your blog, you will become more SEO (search engine optimization) friendly and get some clicks simply because people stumble upon your post. To find out more read this article by Google.

2. Write interesting, relevant content. People don’t want to read stuff that is boring, poorly written, or can’t help their lives in some way.

3. Put links and media into posts. Readers want to be stimulated by posts. Sites such as BuzzFeed and Huffington Post have taken off simply by following this simple rule.

4. Write lists. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but according to studies done by researchers at Rutgers University, most readers don’t read webpages word for word. Instead, they scan pages for useful information. This leads into the next tip, which is…

5. Write in chunks. The Rutgers University study also says to break content into chunk that are easily understood and scanned by the reader. As a writer, you want to be an advocate for the reader.

6. Follow the ABC’s of news writing. While you might not be writing news, the ABC’s will greatly improve any writer’s work. The ABC’s are:

  • Accuracy
  • Brevity
  • Clarity

If you follow these simple tips, you might just get more views and become a world-wide sensation. It can be as easy as this.

While you might not want him driving your car, you absolutely want Justin Bieber reading your blog.