Top 5 Must Have Fashion Pieces for Spring 2014

Top 5 Must Have Fashion Pieces for Spring 2014

  1. Tea Length Skirts

Elegant and classic, these tea length skirts are sure to make you dazzle during any night out, or a simple spring picnic in the park.

tea length skirt

2. Floral

Floral is flirty and fun on any piece! The enticing and colorful display is not too shabby either. It is recommended that this season that you take a walk through the garden of chic.

floral dress

3. Pastels

Put on your shades! These girly hues shine especially bright this spring season. Not only is it fabulous with apparel, but it is encouraged for your accessories that you rock, to consist of these shades, too!


4. Oversized Shirts

Break out your leggings, because you are still going to need them with the continuing and brilliant trend of oversized shirts making a reappearance this season. What do you have to lose (besides the chunky winter scarf?)

oversize chambray

Google Images

5. Geometric Prints

Keep your mind spinning with this fabulously chic trend of geometric prints! Perfect for a spring shopping stroll or a casual date, this piece will be sure to sweetly tease the brain of fashion buffs everywhere around you.

geometric print

Google Images


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