6 Signs You Are Done With Winter

Winter: No one is totally immune

1. You could single-handedly end world hunger with the amount of money you spend on hot substances. cappuccino-65787_640

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, Panini sandwiches, pizza, potpies, burritos, cheeseburgers… need I go on?

You’ll spend whatever it takes just to feel your fingers again.

2. You secretly hope no one notices how many layers you are wearing.

 child-215331_640Yes, I am wearing two undershirts, four layering shirts, a vest, jacket, outer jacket, two scarves, hat and mittens so I can hope to feel my fingers again. My legs are fine though.

3. You decide to double major in becoming an astronaut so you’ll be able to see the sun again.winter-63801_640

The sun still exists right? Did it take a vacation? BecauseI miss it. A lot. Seriously, though WHERE IS THE SUN. I NEED IT TO FEEL MY FINGERS AGAIN.

4. You spend more time in traffic when it snows then you do with your friends on any given week.

snow-170131_640On the bright side I can feel my fingers when the heat is on high.

5. You tell yourself it’s okay to eat all the time because it will keep you warm.

cheese-164872_640Which is a lie… but cookies and pizza and Starbucks! Gotta keep those fingers warm.

6. Everyday is a struggle between praying for warmer weather or colder weather.

Warmer weather – life is happier; colder weather – you can stay inside and do nothing. Either way, 90 percent of your prayers are about the weather, and 10 percent are about your fingers.

sochi-2014-262145_640But once you have your tea and your soup, and are wearing an extra large sweater and scarf, and are enjoying the warmth of a heated room you really do enjoy moments like watching the Winter Olympics – just to see other people freeze their fingers off.

Except for this year. Darn Sochi. 


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