The Dos and Don’ts of Content Writing for Web

Writing for the web is now easier than ever. It is readily available, full of new information and easy to understand. But how do you create content that is captivating and done right? This short list when help you prepare great content for the web that will teach and engage your readers.

Know Your Audience

Before you begin writing, know the kind of audience you are writing for. What kind of lives do they lead? Are they active, parents, educated or minorities? Understand the lifestyles, needs and interests of the people you are writing for and select topics and styles of writing based on those findings.


Know the Topic

After you know your audience, you can find out what topics to cover. Discuss things that not only inform, but entertain your reader as well. Do your research. Learn the lingo for what you’re writing about. Your audience can tell if you’re simply winging it.

Have a Purpose

Each article should have a specific goal outlined. If you are freelancing your work, or writing something for your own brand, each article should be a small version—a small piece of the puzzle—that links to the website’s greater goal. Keep the message relevant and contributing to the larger picture.

Have a Grabbing Headline

Keep your headline a sentence longer and simple. Use something that captivates a reader’s interest, but make sure it compliments your article and doesn’t leave room for misinterpretation. Use active verbs and interesting nouns.

Tell Great Stories

Have the information you share tell a story. Allow the reader to begin and one place, travel along, and learn something new or exciting by the end. Examples and scenarios are great aids to help the audience’s imagination along.


Make sure your readers have a few new things to take away from your article. What have they learned and how easily can they implement it into their lives? Make sure it’s practical, engaging and simple to understand. Most of all, have fun!

this is my source.


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